BioMed Laboratory, based on 10 years of biotechnology research in skin care and hair care, is devoted to speeding up its renewal process. MD Skinical is BioMed Laboratory's latest creation, a new skin care and hair care brand that provides you with advanced formula and a series of top quality antioxidant skin care products, carefully formulated to effectively treat a variety of skin types and conditions.



There are many factors responsible for changing the way our skin looks and feels. Factors may include unhealthy lifestyle choices, smoking, stress, age, time, diet, or environmental pollutants. A combination of these factors result in loss of collagen protein, inadequate hydration levels, photo damage, pigmentation, erythma, or formation of lines and wrinkles which can dramatically lead to signs of damage and aging skin.



Each product is carefully formulated and designed with the purpose to be used in synchronization with other MD Skinical products’ to boost the effectiveness of active ingredients. Our variety of product combination packs will allow you to selectively choose products to specifically target your skin symptoms and meet your individual skin care needs.



The high potency of our products makes them the best choices for skin and laser clinics to provide restorative and healing properties in pre-and post-invasive or non-invasive skin procedures. All MD Skinical products are paraben-free. No testing has, or ever will be conducted on animals.



During all production stages, the CGMP (Good Manufacturing Procedure for Cosmetics) requirements are fulfilled; the full structure follows all requirements of  ISO 22716 (CGMP). The physical-chemical analyses are performed on all the raw materials used for production, as well as on each batch of finished product, by the Quality Control Department. Each batch of finished product, as well as specific raw materials are submitted to microbiological controls.